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Facebook Performance Advertising

More than 30 million Germans have an account on Facebook, we fully exploit this potential and are guaranteed to reach your target group.



Instagram Performance Advertising

More than 15 million Germans use Instagram every month and we target your target group exactly where they are.


Messenger Performance Advertising

This is the new way of acquisition. Generate qualified leads by having the bot do the work.


Custom Audience

We create custom target groups based on Facebook Pixel data to display personalized advertising.

LinkedIN Performance Advertising

The perfect network for profitable B2B campaigns.


Look-A-Like Audience

We create statistical twins of the user-defined target groups and reach your target group cost-efficiently.


Facebook Pixel Remarketing

We track website activity and create custom target groups to target more accurately.



Effectively win new customers -

with Freiburg's first social media agency!

Most agencies casually take social media marketing with them, we specialize exclusively in this area - so we are more successful and effective. Quite simply.

7 reasons why you should work with us

What makes us unique? Why should you work with us? Here you will find 7 reasons that speak for us.
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  • Passion

    We have discovered our passion for social media marketing in our own projects. We have now turned this passion into our profession.


  • We are different

    We know what a challenge it is to stand out from the crowd. Just like you, we find our own way of doing things. Working with us is more than just online marketing - we understand you.


  • Young and dynamic

    We grew up with the Internet and know how things work on the net. We bring these experiences into every project.


  • Customized offer

    Each company has different goals, so you get the right offer and pay for what you really need.


  • Latest Version

    As we are constantly expanding Adstark's service, we are getting to know many new things that have potential for our company as well as for the company of our customers.


  • Transparency

    We attach great importance to honesty. This is the only way we can build long-term business relationships.


  • No contractual term

    Wir sind Anti Vertragsbindung. Sie können monatlich unsere Vereinbarung beenden und bleiben flexibel.



Our happy customers

Quality is our top priority. We do everything we can to make our customers happy, even if it means more work.


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Contact us, we'll show you WHAT we do and HOW we turn about 2.000,00€ into 16.000,00€. NO JOKE we have it black on white! Interested? A short call is enough.

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