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Facebook Performance Advertising

Use social networks to directly acquire new customers without detours!
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Hot! More than 30 million Germans have an account on Facebook, we fully exploit this potential and are guaranteed to reach your target group.

One thing is fact

Facebook Performance Advertising has evolved through new advertising formats and sophisticated targeting capabilities into one of the most effective and completely measurable means online to directly reach and grow new customers.

Conversions, store visits, sales, traffic and leads are the targets for ad placement that Facebook Performance Ads can ideally achieve.

Your benefits from Facebook ads

Performance Advertising serves the companies more than ever as a promising instrument to closely connect the company and the customer. And this even completely transparent and absolutely measurable.


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  • Targeting

    We target your ideal customer razor sharp and optimize the user-defined target group
  • Reach

    You get extreme and planned coverage - Regional, National or International
  • Multichannel

    We can combine campaigns from different social media channels
  • Cost control

    You maintain absolute cost control over your advertising budget and we manage it


  • Transparency

    Exact tracking of the various advertisements gives you an overview of everything and 24/7 access



Direct way to the top

After we have configured your advertising campaign, we keep an overview of everything and scale the campaign successfully with our many years of experience if desired.

Configuration by experts

With our many years of experience, we configure your advertisements so effectively that the best possible success is guaranteed. In order to achieve a successful and effective configuration, the campaign goals, placements, ad texts, configurations, target group and other aspects play a primary role.

First-class success and performance

There are many aspects to consider when you want the best performance. The lower the cost per 1000 people reached, the more people you will reach.

We guarantee you first class click, purchase and interaction costs through a professional advertisement setup.

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