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Messenger Bot Advertising

Use social networks to directly acquire new customers without detours!
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Hot! The increasingly intensive use of Messenger apps has triggered a new trend ...

Messenger Performance Advertising

This means that in an automated dialogue, which we configure, your chatbot communicates and interacts fully automatically with the customer.

Simply practical - filter out your desired customer by doing it with the bot.

What does Messenger Performance Advertising actually mean?

Simply put, it's the ideal combination of a chatbot and Facebook Performance Advertising, which means we create a campaign for you and configure your chatbot in advance. Now you can ideally address your ideal customer in the advertisement with optimized ad texts and razor-sharp targeting.

As soon as your ideal customer sends you a message (campaign target), your chatbot is used. This means that the chatbot takes over the work for you fully automatically and accompanies the customer with answers, for example to the sale or booking process.

And even with artificial intelligence (AI). We program and configure the chat bot for you according to your wishes and requirements.

Messenger Performance Advertising can be used in a variety of ways. It is up to you how you use it for your company.

Customers can contact a chatbot around the clock. All questions can also be answered during this time. In addition, chatbots have no capacity limits. Even if 100 people contact your customer support (chatbot) at the same time, every customer is served immediately, without waiting time. Annoyed waiting is now a thing of the past.

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